Branding for SMEs & its Psychology in Construction Industry 

Branding is not a notion that are broadly recognised or utilised certainly within the construction Industry. This is a pet hate of ours.


One of the main difficulties is selling the concept of a brand to SMEs within construction industry, this is not a logo, it is not an identity and the main obstacle when dealing with money men (or bean counters!) is that a brand is not a physical product. We’ve identified a brand as a person’s gut feeling and this is defined by individuals.

Companies across the country offer very similar services and features, the consumer of these services has too many choices and too little time.

Psychologically we tend to base our buying choices on trust and here in lies the benefits of having a ‘HOT’ brand. Trust is a combination of reliability and delight, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. As a selling point you can begin to see the difficulties of translating this into a service being sold to others, as how do you sell a state of mind or a gut feeling?

In many cases STRATEGY is separated from creativity by a wide gap! None more so than in a construction business where their people will fall into the category of;

‘Strategic Thinkers’ basing decisions made on a criterion of Analytical, Logical, Linear, Numerical and Verbal.


‘Creative Thinkers’ basing their decisions on Intuitive, Emotional, Spatial, Visual, Physical criteria.

Coining the phase ‘Does the left brain know what the right brain is doing?’ here in lies the issues and a reason why the notion of branding is often ignored or simply not recognised as an issue.

As a design agency with experience of working large and small construction businesses, we know the vast benefits of having a strong and consistent brand. Throw away the awful looking Powerpoint presentation which may have helped you in the past, as this is no longer considered enough.

The procurement process is driven by cost but purchased by people. Your competition is moving with the market, can you afford not to?