5 tips for creating a logo

Tips for creating a logo

If you set up a new company and would like a logo for your business, start with our top tips on how to tackle it. It is a unique and creative process but there are always some things to consider when you are creating initial ideas.

1. Brainstorm

The first thing to do is put pen to paper and brainstorm. This is the best method when you don’t know where to start. Write down words you would like your company to be associated with. What will be the initial feeling when people see the brand? Luxury or more chilled? Playful? Creative? Professional?

Visualise your perfect client and write down their description.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is their profile?
  • What kind of problems is your company going to solve?
  • How will you help your clients?

Write down this as well, it will help you to focus on the proper direction.

2. Don’t overcomplicate

One of the best tips is not to over complicate the name or the logo shape. Do you remember the big change to the Instagram logotype? Do you know why they decided to change their logo? It is because people could not draw it on a paper when they were asked to? They couldn’t remember the symbol because it was too complicated…simplicity is always key. People need to be able to remember and associate their needs with your company, then they can spread the word and tell other people about you.

If you feel the name is not self-explanatory, you can think of creating a tagline rather than a longer company name.

Speaking about taglines…

3. Do you need a tagline?

Huge brands, such as Nike for example, created a tagline that not only attracts the client but also motivates people. (If you can’t think of a tagline one you will know is: “Just Do It”). If you feel your company logo need something additional, it may be worth considering having a tagline that will help you to stand out.

4. Main colour

Choosing a colour for your brand is not always an easy task. If you are struggling with the choices, you should first know the meaning behind each colour. You can view our post here: Choosing a colour for your logo and its meaning.

It is better to choose one main colour rather than a few, especially if you are not sure how to mix them so they look good alongside each other. Our number one tip is: if your logo looks good in a black and white version, it will look good with any colour.

5. Logo as a part of the Brand

Try to think about your logo not only as a picture but also how it will harmonise with other elements. Will it look good printed in different formats, what about size, either 1 cm height or 100 cm? Do other elements follow the main colour and design? It is very important to have a feeling of integrity when looking at your overall branding.

If you have followed all of these tips, but still feel that something is missing, check out our last project to help you visualise how the integrated brand could look or write to us on, we are always happy to help!






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