About us

James Doubtfire started Format Design in 2010. After working his way through the ranks of several companies in central London, was incorporate with Companies House in 2013 and Format Design London was officially ‘born’.

James brought Gosha into the business at this stage. Gosha had been working for similar clients in the industry predominantly specialising on bids and tender delivery as opposed to the design itself.


This alliance gave James and Gosha an idea of combining their construction industry experience in tender management and graphic design. Introducing design into bid and tendering for construction companies gave them a unique positioning.

Both passion for design and experience of working with all construction terminology and knowing what goes where proved to be a success when leading and dealing with tenders and bid management.


Incorporating graphic design in tender document submission is a growing trend in London and the surrounding areas as design becomes ever more important in everyone’s lives but it is not the only service that Format Design London provides.

Format Design London offers a variety of services such as branding, website design and development or exhibition stand design but proves that even in a heavy design market you can find a unique business.

Our Team

James Doubtfire
Gosha Doubtfire
Rob Doubtfire
Non-Executive Director & Construction Specialist
Joe Giordano
Non-Executive Director & Property Specialist