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Bid & Tenders

However, you call it a pitch, tender, bid, client proposal or presentation every business needs it. If you are pitching for a high-value contract, we can help. We offer full tender document design and management service.

We offer comprehensive or selective bid management service. We understand the tendering process well and can offer help throughout all the bidding stages.

We can get involved as early or as late as you want. We can kick start in lead generation or if you already have your bid on the table we can meet your team and work alongside your employees and lead the completion of your tender. We can also get involved later and either help with compilation of information or just with the design of the document and print.

It is totally flexible and it is totally up to you how you want it to work. The goal still stays the same. We want you to submit a winning bid!

Our methodology

Project Manager

On every project we have a dedicated person that will be your point of contact. They lead your project ensuring everything you need is included in your bid.

First Step

Kick Off Meeting

We draft a Plan of Action with deadlines, team, resources and format of the presentation.

Here we also decide at which bidding stage you want us to be involved.

We can help from actual lead generation but ultimately it is up to you.

Second Step

Read & Review

Drafting of contents with all deliverables at this stage is critical to successful completion.

Third Step

Filling Gaps

Identifying gaps and possible additional resources that may be needed to assist with the technical side of the tender.

Fourth Step


Compilation of information and design of the tender document ensuring bespoke design and that all content is in the document.

Fifth Step


Ensuring that the tender is proofread, and correct content is imported.

Ready for final approvals.

Final Step

Approvals & Print

The checked document is ready to send to the client for final approval. Once approved it can be send to print or submitted electronically.






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