Business re-designed


Over the past few months, I have observed how small and medium-sized businesses have been adjusting and changing to the current climate.

The power of collaboration.

How quickly certain people responded in redesigning their services to adjust to the crisis.

It was great to see the power of collaboration and cooperation alongside as well as some innovative design solutions. This was particularly visible when a new hospital facility was needed in London. 

The Nightingale Hospital was built in a fortnight, and I am sure it involved a lot of hard graft, late nights and a lot of problem-solving but this attitude of togetherness and collaboration was superb to see in action. I want to take this example of incredible togetherness and can-do attitude and learn from it. How can we use it to ensure we provide solutions that are good for the people, economy, and the environment?

Helping SMEs

Helping SME’s is embedded in our core, not only from the visual aspect but from the practical point of view. What does it really mean? As a design business, we do not only look at the “pretty” aspect of a brand or a company. Very often, we have to educate and explain how design works in practice. Design is not only the art of visual communication, but it is the art of understanding and aligning. Aligning the objectives, strategies, and communication.

The ultimate goal

Getting to the bottom of the business’s problems to offer the best outcomes and solutions for future growth. That is our ultimate goal when working on a design project.

How this works in practice, takes an understanding beyond ‘what we have always done is this, so we do not change it’.

Business strategy 

As a creative design business agency when we work on a project, we consider all those, welcome strategies to allure and entice a potential customer.

We can do that in many ways but aligning the strategy with communication and visualisation is critical here. This alignment will create a sustainable growth and consistent customer acquisitions that you need.

To visualise this aspect and how it works in more practical than theoretical business terms, we need to look at a real-life business example. We will have a look at Fred’s business.

Fred’s business example 

Fred is running a successful insurance business with various insurance services for businesses and for individuals. Fred’s business has experienced organic growth for many years. However, in more recent years the business growth stopped due to market saturation. Insurance is now sold by supermarkets, banks, brokers therefore competition is fierce, and what once worked for their clients isn’t anymore.

Also, Fred found himself in a little bit of a pickle. His organic growth meant that he is now offering 8 different insurance packages to 8 different audiences. This, in turn, requires 8 different marketing strategies, 8 different sales calls and 8 different information packs.

Moreover, Fred’s existing clients don’t know that he offers other insurance packages and that they could use him for all their different insurance needs. Fred needed to simplify his customer acquisition, make it systemised and easy for the business but also for his customers.

The first step for Fred is the need to change. Change the way he operates, and make it simpler for him, his employees, and his customers.

The problem was he didn’t know where to start. He initially thought about just getting all those services under one umbrella and rebrand under one name. Still, he did not consider the brand strategy, communications, and he’s customers wants and needs.

How we solved Fred’s problems

This is how we helped Fred. Fred started his journey from initial discovery call and, strategy workshops, aligning all the communication and messages followed by visual aspects. Secondly, we progressed with the creation of one brand which offered extensions for individuals. Businesses and individuals now clearly knew that Fred could take care of all their insurance needs, and there is no need for additional providers. He offered it all under one umbrella. We have helped with creative brand development that translated into marketing materials.

He also has now a clear marketing & sales strategy in place that runs in the background of his business. Fred is happy and, his marketing bills are much lower.

What problems are you facing in your business? Tell us, and we can see if the design can solve it. Book a discovery call today .







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