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In short, the answer is never, but often it’s essential whether you want to strive or even survive. As we are talking re-brand this presumes you have something in place already and that you are trading, so to start with we would recommend that you review it. Now a brand review can be nothing more than taking a step back and looking at it objectively or looking at what your business is aiming to achieve. Perhaps you will find that some of...

  A New Year, a new you? Looking ahead into 2020: Focus on Re-branding   We’re in the season of New Year resolutions and programs which recap the year just gone. While we’re enjoying the Christmas break, it can be a great time to sit down and think about the business and the direction it’s heading in.  One question which may arise is whether you need to rebrand? Is it worth the hassle? And how a strong brand can help you and your business grow?     Why...

[vc_row full_screen_section_height="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]Business Card Design – simple and effective but how comes some get it so wrong! Successful business card design has fundamental rules. No matter how well-designed a card is, it also needs to be functional as a personal marketing tool. Here are ten things you should consider when thinking about designing a business card. Use good card stock There is ample variety in card stock, so don’t just go for the cheapest and easiest option. Being a bit different can have...






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