Design is Everywhere

Design is Everywhere

Just look around, in the pen you are holding, in the shoes, you are wearing. In in the chair that you are seating on, sports cars, football, golf all these activities were designed and created by someone somewhere.

Designing your business

Someone has designed/created everything in our day to day lives, and this transfers to any business/company. Any business concept needed to be carefully crafted to ensure it provided a service/action which a market required. Creating processes and procedures in the way they operate. How best to communicate their offer to the market and more importantly actioning it. Design is by definition; a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other objects before it is made.

Creating business elements

If we take a moment to look at the different ways that people’s hard work has been used. Creating businesses, products or services with no blueprint before them. It can make you appreciate the process as a whole. Countless work hours or even years of development to get it to market. Following it must be run day to day and make money month on month, year on year. Many may say this hard work is only the beginning!

Creativity help businesses grow

A lot of the processes above will not have been carried out by one person. They would have had to identify strengths and weaknesses and look to bring in the skills and experience they need to fill the gaps. I openly encourage all businesses, whether big or small, to invest in design. Design and creativity will help your business grow. Design is accessible to everyone and it is so affordable nowadays. It would be crazy not to embrace the connectivity we have within the world and bring in a design expert.

Design Value

I do come across individuals who straight away think what’s in it for me. What is the monetary value that I will get out of it? When you carefully breakdown a business, show where design can add value and bring cash/revenue into it, this perception does change and, in many companies, I come across it MUST change.

So how can you apply the design process to reinforce your idea? Show value to your service? Improve the response to your offer? Clarify and cement your systems? Bring an aspect of fun and excitement to your business? All valid questions but do you ask them?






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