Do you know what your business truly needs?

Business needs

As you would have seen recently, we’ve upped our output on social media. This is our attempt to educate our audience on how design adds value. I feel we’ve done an excellent job of this of late, but there is one area of design which I personally think is undervalued.

Identifying the need

A common perception of the services we provide is that our work falls into the category of ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must-have’. I speak to many people inside and outside of our industry and hear stories of where they have been sold a service without consultation or analysis of their business wants and needs.

Dispelling the myths

One of the reasons for posting more informative articles through our social media channels is to squash or dispel the myths that your goals can be met by merely redesigning your website. In many cases, businesses forget to consider or ask the right questions. What is my site doing for my business? What do we want it to do?

Business View

A full view of the business and its external communications is required, driving right back to why do ‘we’ need to change? What could be possible pitfalls of our rapid growth?

We work solely with businesses and mainly businesses who are selling b2b, many of whom have been around several years and are on an upward trajectory with exciting growth plans. While the growth and precise plans are significant for them, sometimes, it can be a challenge for us. Mainly because why do they need us? Where do we fit in? How can the services we provide assist them in reaching their goals?

The workshop is a must

We insist on a workshop to cover all aspects of the business. The workshop also acts as a forum for all to share the past, present and future aspirations. We gather raw information, analyse it and offer solutions. Our team always covers all the concerns that a business may have and understand all aspects. We always advise on what a specific piece should be doing for you, for example; if a business card is trying to say all you do, then what is the right platform to do that? What would be a better way of communicating that?

What we say matters

So yes, you want a logo jump on Fiver, it’s cheap and accessible to get you going. Once you’ve outgrown the eureka moment, you’re either looking to grow, applying for funding or looking to launch in an unknown market, this all requires a brand and message. The message, in turn, needs to be well thought out, targeted and able to maximise your return.

We’ve got a prime example of this;

tr.projects came to Format for a review of their proposals, and it became clear that the market was looking for a more sophisticated and direct brand for the office fit-out needs. The results speak for themselves. To see tr.projects case study click here.






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