Excuse me, would you like to read my Whitepaper … … (snore) 


What are whitepapers?

Whitepapers are particular, data-driven and scientific pieces which can be an excellent addition to your marketing arsenal.

They will touch on crucial industry problems with expert opinion from industry leaders.

You will often find answers within whether it be a product or service.

If you’ve created one, your product or service will most likely be part of the solution, meaning the reader doesn’t have to look far for the answer.


Creating whitepaper

We have designed several whitepapers, and we have found several problems that businesses face when it comes to creating them.

Let’s be honest, when we hear whitepaper, we associate it with long wordy documents that contain nothing but words and numbers…. Bleh and just thinking about it will make you not want to read it or even download it. The main challenge here is to show the prospective reader that it is something for them, and it is not just words.

The main goal

The aim is to bring the reader on a journey of expertise, insight and possible solutions, while retaining interest, keeping them engaged and making sure ideas are visually communicated well. So how do we do that? We start by outlining the whitepaper’s strategy and a list of its key deliverables. We will ask some tough questions like: What is the primary purpose of this whitepaper?

Surely, you do not want to be creating something for the sake of it. Your answers may be to inform, educate, sell, or raise awareness.

There may be many; however, the main question is “What’s in it for the reader?”

Why should they download it?

Why should they read this?

Why should they care? And then you need to ask how we can make them care?

Without those core messages, the objective of your whitepaper will be unfulfilled.


Creating attention

You need to make sure your audience listen, acknowledge your recommendation, and see you as an industry leader or authority. If they do, they will be happy to download, read and share with colleagues and friends, while parting with their information because you have delivered something great and relatable.

Now, with that information, you can go away and start building your audience, start talking to potential prospects, who have already indicated a clear interest in your solutions.

Ultimately this is the end game, and you want to grow and attract new, better-qualified prospects and clients.

With all this in mind, you can now go away and create the perfect sales tool (the whitepaper).

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