Graphic design trends for 2018

With new winter season approaching new discussions began around what we can expect in terms of graphic design trends in 2018. After reading lots of posts and articles not only about graphic design but design in more general I found that design trends go through cycles so taking something old upcycling it and “voila” here is the new. Graphic design can be upcycled in many ways but what is more exciting about the graphics is that modern technologies, new options and new functionalities allow designer to create something completely new.

So, what new fun stuff can we expect in 2018?

I think image manipulation will be bigger than ever. I know that designers are always playing with images, altering them making them stand out, making them different. In the new year, designers will try and push themselves to their limits and prove us that new is the way forward. The experts say that the famous “glich effect” will be the next it or the “doubling effect” but whatever you will try I am sure it will be quite unique to you.


Typography also should be bigger and better than ever before. I personally love typography and look forward to new fonts being created. Big, bright, mixed with images or not, good looking typography always works for me, always catches my eye so if you want to highlight or grab attention typography is great.


Big bright colours and gradients will be big in 2018 and let’s not forget about sprinkle of metallic effect. I personally love bright and bold, perhaps not all in together but bright and colourful always catches my eye especially if its grey outside. I also am loving the idea of use of metallic in the artwork this will give the feel of glamour and luxury to ordinary things like cards or posters.


Another trend that people are talking about will be the use of Illustrations. I absolutely adore working with illustrations and vectors. This upcoming year I would like to see them becoming more fun perhaps bit edgy – sketched by hand but still with clean lines feeling more real and raw at the same time. I think that would better the very straight lines in iconography for example where icons are starting to look very the same.

All in all, I think this will be a good year for graphic design we will be not only upcycling old ideas with gradients and bold colours, but we will be creating new fun designs and I just can’t wait and see some.






Value Won