How can storytelling improve your presentation


I was recently reading an article in Forbes about Storytelling. I do believe that the concept of storytelling significantly improves a presentation’s tone & audience engagement. You will remember a good story.


Why storytelling

Applying the storytelling logic to a presentation can help people to connect, to empathise, to visualise and help your audience understand the content. While I love the concept of storytelling, I am rubbish at re-telling stories! If you asked me about a plot in a movie, I am not able to describe it to you, but if you ask me about how I helped one of my clients get their business online, then I remember it all, the ups the downs and the result/outcome.


Storytelling is a personal affair

Telling your own story is much easier than telling an impersonal business story that is not yours. Storytelling is a skill which we can learn through trial and error. To know what works for your target audience, you will have to gauge your audience interest. What information they respond to negatively or positively so you can refine your future presentations. Not a very fun approach but it is true, like a stand-up comedian bombing on stage, next week that joke isn’t being told. So, ensure that your story is personal to you. 


Creating a storytelling layout

Draft a storyboard for your presentation. The storyboard will guide you when presenting, and the whole process will be more manageable. Lay it out in order and do not overload it with loads of information, just key points. I often see presentations loaded with text that no one can read, and I do often think why? Think of the most exciting aspects and talk about them.


How can your story help others

Storytelling can be sometimes tricky for larger organisations because very often, they make things quite impersonal. It is so and so, and they have been around since 1984. Do people care about how old the business is? People will care more about what they are doing and how they are acting. Why choose them over their competitors? How are they helping others and the environment etc. ­So, while you may be a lawyer, copywriter or other service or product provider think about your story and how you help people and businesses. Connect on more of a personal level because it’s that particular aspect of your brand, that makes a human connection, and will allow for your audience to engage with your presentation and more importantly remember you.











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