How to stay productive while working from home?

working from home

Working from home is a benefit coveted by many employees. As a working mum, I do work from home quite a bit. It gives me the perfect flexibility and work/life balance to take care of my young family. Working from home isn’t for everyone but if you do and you find yourself that you struggle here are some helpful tips to utilise your time as best as possible.

Have a Routine

With any job, you wake up in the morning and get dressed, have your breakfast then head off to work for the day. Having this routine prepares you for the day ahead and switches your brain from home to work mode. Try and do the same have a routine planned out for those working from home days!

Create a Home Workspace

Having a designated space in your home that will serve as your workspace will help. If you don’t have one kitchen table will do the job just fine, so you are not sitting slumped on a bed or couch with your laptop on your knee.

Background Noise

Although it is essential to have an area at home, working in a coffee shop once a week can refresh your creativity and productivity. A moderate level of ambient noise can help concentration. In an office you get used to the background noise, so when at home, if you find it too quiet, get a radio on.

Communication with the Office

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your colleagues, it will make things easier, and you will be kept in the loop.

Minimise Distractions

While having the freedom to work at home, it is easy to become distracted by other little things. Your laundry! Music! Pets! Dishes in the sink! They are all there to distract you. The best way to work is to find your little space. Whether it’s a corner desk/kitchen table or your home office, whichever it may be, step into your designated work area and shut yourself away to work.

Prepare your environment

Keep an adequate supply of pens, printer ink, coffee, and whatever you think you need. Organise yourself at the weekend, or before you have to start otherwise, you will end up distracted.

Eat & Drink

When I work, I often forget to eat or drink. Yep, I am sure you think about how it is possible, but I get so in the zone I forget to take a break. Its always good to take a 5 for a water/tea break. You must look after yourself too. So no, don’t be like me and do eat and drink ;).

Take breaks

It may seem silly taking breaks to stay focused, but the most productive workers engage for approximately 50 minutes, then disengage for 5 minutes. Work breaks ensure you come back refreshed and better prepared to work. Get up and move around, get away from your computer and your desk. If you find yourself that you keep looking at your watch set yourself break reminder. That way you can work away without worrying about your brake.

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