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Shellen is a UK fire door manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the sector. While the company is already well established the new Directors of Shellen felt that the company needs re-branding. The rebrand was to portray the switch in business focus from being a supplier to the main contractor. We needed to achieve this while keeping up with a fast-changing market.


Our team worked tirelessly on the full re-brand for the company. We have created several concepts while settling for a brand that incorporates the most striking characteristics of Shellen (Fire and Security). We didn’t defer from what Shellen does best, and that is manufacture industry-leading doors.


The result of the final brand was fantastic. We have translated the new brand into digital and printable marketing. Additionally, our team was working on designing exhibition stands for the business show that took place in November. We now continue working with Shellen on improving their proposals and brochures.


December 9, 2019


Branding, Building Graphics, Creative Direction, Web Design






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