Secrets to a Perfect Business Presentation

Perfect Business Presentation

Every business needs a presentation. I believe that your old powerpoint presentation can be more; it just needs jazzing up! Why not change it into a book alike? Or a picture frame presentation? Perhaps show each slide as a poster? If you want to update your presentation below, you will find some tips and tricks that will help you create your Perfect Business Presentation.

Your presentation

Have you come across a situation where you are pitching to your client, but you are not connecting? Your presentation is on the screen but finding it’s just not getting the right attention? Client presentations can be very delicate. It’s a delicate balance between text and visual aids – images, graphs and infographics. Try to balance all the elements.

A visual aid that guides you

I have learnt that presentations should be your aid to talk around particular topics. They are there to support you and guide you. If you find yourself that you need to change the way you are pitching to your clients, change it. Experiment and ask your friends or people on social media what they think all feedback will be useful.

Helpful tips

Here are some useful tips for your presentation.

1. Know your audience

Do your research. Know what your client appreciates, what they care about, what they value? If you can correlate to these values, then great. You have something in common that shows understanding.

2. A solution to a problem

Find the key issues and offer a solution. For instance, sometimes clients don’t even know they may have one until you ask the right question that piques their interest.

3. Make your presentation visual!

Include images, graphs, infographics that show off your solution, engagement with the presentation is vital, and it needs to be memorable.

4. Think engagement

Large paragraphs of text on the screen do not present well. Besides, if you read these off the screen, you will lose participation with your audience. Vital Pieces of information will look much better and shows that you have prepared and done your research. Furthermore, try to tell a story as your audience will be more likely to engage and correlate to a story rather than just facts.

5. What’s in it for the audience

Highlight your key information. It will attract your audience to concentrate more on those key pieces. No matter what you want to do, make them bold, highlight it, visualise it. Create an infographic to ensure it stands out. Perhaps you can include an offer at the end of it or most essential pieces of advice? In other words, you don’t want to give all your secrets away, but you do want to help people.

6. You don’t know where to start

If you want your presentation to look fabulous, ask a designer for help or get yourself a ready-made template. All design aspects have been done for you, making it a bit easier. It could be a one-off template or something more general that you get to reuse for different projects. It is worth investing in well-designed templates and presentations. We have done various projects that offer standardisation so if you would need help get in touch.

7. Preparation

We all make mistakes, so ask someone to cast their eye on it. If you can’t think of anyone, then leave it for a day and come back to it. I guarantee you will find something that you will want to change. Above all, prepare and run through it. You must know what you need to say at each slide. If you have a limited time slot, you need to time it, so it does not go over the allocated time. It can be all these fine-tuning that makes it truly special.






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