The Murphy Project

Murphy Group is a well-established, billion-pound business. They have an excellent reputation for undertaking infrastructure works. While Murphy was always involved in the property market, they’d never had a division solely dedicated to the construction of commercial and residential projects.

What did Murphy need?

In the summer of 2018, Murphy launched a new Construction & Property division. While under the same banner of ‘One Murphy’ and being able to handle significant multi-unit developments they needed to bridge the gap between both divisions. Format Design London helped Murphy with creating a brand within a brand. Primarily, working on a brochure, which their sales team could take to their prospects with confidence.

How was the process carried out?

Following our process of exploring, inspiring and creating we started by;


All decision-makers attended a meeting where we discussed all existing issues and plans. Following this meeting, we have outlined the documents and mapped the best explanations for Murphy’s services.

We have carried a tick box exercise of all content that was available and what was still outstanding. We have managed the whole process, ensuring that all design stages run as smoothly as possible. Our team was always ready to help and gather additional content to finalise the project creation most effectively and efficiently.


To offer Murphy most value, we have done a lot of research and gathered information with regards to different ways of expressing key messages.

Our team supported all gathered information with visual mood boards to set the tone and maintain a cohesive identity of the project. We created different concepts to show the client document a variety of looks and feels. The chosen concept was developed further including all factors from outside influences. We have also created bespoke iconography for the brochure. This followed with Murphy specific graphics, all in line with a colour palette and branding guidelines.


Format proceeded to create the final layout of the brochure. We have collated and placed content provided as well as general info where gaps had appeared. Our team provided Murphy with print copies before the final presentation deadline as well as electronic/online flipbook style files for website use. To see Murphy’s project click here.

Have we met Murphy’s expectations? Is the client happy with the finished product?

Murphy, Construction and Property Managing Director, Shaun Sheldrake said;

“We’re over the moon with the result. We knew this task required a company with an industry understanding but wasn’t sure whether our project constraints would stifle the creative output. From the first meeting Format Design helped us in understanding that while we have a complex message to overcome, it doesn’t need to sacrifice the creative direction. With concepts which left us with a clear message and the ability to use Format in helping with the providing of content meant that we were free to continue doing our day jobs knowing all was in hand. 

We cannot recommend Format Design highly enough and we will definitely be using them for future works”






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