Two stage Website Development

What is two stage website development?

We have been asked by a client who was starting his own business about helping him with setting up his new brand that included new website. He is an interior designer who already had some jobs going and pipeline ready for the future but needed a “quick fix”. As our mission is to do a job and do it well we didn’t offer him a “quick fix” but we have offered him a 2-stage website design and development. I think this peaked his interest and was open to this new solution.


First stage starts with designing a website that will fulfil clients’ needs at that point in time. In this case time was the essence but also, we needed to design a stylish representation of our Clients’ services. We have started with one-page website with scrolling functionalities that would take the browser to a relevant section. With enough details and information this allowed on online presence offering the most relevant information about our Client and his business as well as point of contact and where they are based. This was also affordable solution and less time-consuming allowing for future modifications while the business gathers momentum.  The design and development process can take between 6-8 weeks.


Second stage of design and development started almost a year later when Client had enough work and case studies to showcase. At this stage the website had to go through substantial changes because of the amount of additional information that needed to be incorporated. We knew that our Client had now healthy budget to carry out the second stage, so we proceeded with the first design drafts.

We have designed a stylish yet simple website with icons and small bursts of information that clearly states the services, the process and the methodology. We have included a blog and projects section that can be updated by the client anytime they want. We strived to achieve a clean yet strong brand through use of black and orange in combination that would burst in small amounts and liven up the graphics.

The second stage design process and development took bit longer then the first, but this is understandable as the business progresses and evolves your business information processes change and evolve.

The design and development process of extensive website with 10+ pages can take between 10-14 weeks.

Benefits of 2-stage design

  1. Getting you an online presence
  2. More affordable
  3. Buying you time needed to build your business





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