What to look for when choosing a font for your business?


Are you an aspiring business person or entrepreneur about to set off and start your own business and you want to start with giving your business a bit of identity? You can do that by finding a perfect font and here are few things to consider when choosing one.

Choosing the right font

There is a time in every business when there will be a need to choose a font. Whenever you will need it, whether for new business cards, website or any other business-related goods, think carefully about what you want and how you use it. When choosing a font for your business, try to look at it objectively and put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Ask yourself:

What does your font say about you as a person?

What does it say about the business?

What impression does it give?

What is the general appeal to your clients?

When you have your answers, I am sure you will get a better idea of what kind of font you want. Ensure you like it of course, but also establish how you and your business want to come across. As someone serious, casual, playful, elegant? Remember your font needs to match your business.

Stay away from

Try and stay away from handwritten or scribed fonts as they can become quickly outdated, hard to read and lack in versatility. You could also be in danger of sending mixed messages. When marketing and branding, i.e. an accountant would not want a fun and causal font because they want to be perceived as trustworthy, severe and elegant.

Key aspects

Key aspects to consider when choosing your business font:

  • Is your font suitable?
  • Versatile?
  • Readable?
  • Does it represent your business?

See below some font and brand examples that do exactly what they need.

Extracts from

It is an amazing website as it offers a lot of variety and flexibility. You can get only one font that you love or the whole family.






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