Where do I see value in having an online brochure

End of last year, I started to think about creating a new company brochure for us in a downloadable format—something more interactive and easier to flick through, brimming with useful information about us and our experience. 


The purpose of a brochure

Before even starting the whole process, I sat down to think about the real purpose of it. How will it be digested, what would a potential client want to see and know? What would be our offer to them?  


Minimalism is key

I wanted something that will be minimalistic in design but at the same time will showcase our capabilities. Once I had the plan in mind, now I needed the content. In all fairness, I do know how difficult it can be to write content. Whether it is for a blog, for a website, brochure because as it transpired, we had a lot of content about, but none of it was precisely suitable. My task grew now not only into designing the brochure but also, I had to create the copy for it. 


Creating appealing content

Very often, our clients forget about the copy needed, and this makes my job so much harder. It can be frustrating for the client because they now have to create something. I was in the same shoes a few months back so do feel their pain. 


My brochure design journey

Coming back to my brochure, now my content was ready, I could start the design process. When I look back and think about our brochure, my main goal has not changed. I wanted to create something that would be a small window into our business. Where you can find out a little bit more about the team of people behind all projects, where you can learn more about what we care about and how we help. And finally, I wanted to introduce our packaged offer deals so any potential customer can get an idea of how much bespoke design costs and what they will be getting. Something holistic and wholesome that will encapsulate what we are all about. I believe I achieved just that but no doubt I will want to change it in 5 years if not less to keep it current.


Present key information

It was never my goal to slap lots of information in our brochure. I know how precious our time is and I know that we rarely read anything from cover to cover. We like flicking through until we spot something that catches our eye. I was also very conscious of the fact that everything we read and look at is online, so if I needed to design something that is aesthetically pleasing. Then again, I would not have anything less. It has to look great; otherwise, it is not good enough. 


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