7 web design features that will boost your conversion rate.

The world of web

The world of web is constantly evolving. As a result new technologies as well as new ways of reading and tracking information. Firstly, this is allowing us to analyse human behaviour in better way. Secondly, the new data helps also with the user experience. Which means we can apply it to web designs in a way that it will boost your conversion rates.

Marketers know that design can make all the difference. There are some crucial aspects that will boost your conversion rate and quick wins like pop ups, great call to actions, urgency. Let’s not forget SEO social media and lead generators.

It’s the web design that will make or break your conversion rates. Stanford University research showed that 46% of people say a website design is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible or not. That is staggering percentage so, you need to make it look attractive because, honestly you can’t afford not to.

Less is more

Having too much choice on your website will increase decision-making time. We don’t want that. We want people to arrive, to like what they see, love what they read and contact you. So, give them less choice. Less choice means less noise and faster decision making.  If they want to know more, they will contact you. It’s like going to a big supermarket and with increased choice our shopping time significantly increases. Moreover, at times I am sure you find yourself just abandoning an aisle because you can’t make up your mind. The same applies to a website.

8 seconds to impress

I don’t know if you have noticed but we have become very impatient and that instant satisfaction and gratification when we can access something instantly is just incomparable.  Truth be told we now only have 8 seconds before the internet user gets bored. Yep bored means moving on, so now not only the website content the colours and the branding need to be spot on but also the loading time too.

Right content

Apart from being impatient we now want to read exactly what we are looking for and google helps just with that. If we are searching for help with advertising, we will find countless websites listings, if we are searching for design agency, we will get it. So, to be featured in all search engines we need to ensure that the content is spot on and that includes the keywords. You can check that easily via Google Keywords Planner in Google Ads but most of all make sure the content is easy to read, clear and simple. Apply the K.I.S.S rule here.

Let's Face It!

The simple fact is that as human beings we do love the familiarity of faces. Faces allows us to connect to content and feel something. If we see a face with emotion, it ensures that we as human beings connect to it too. In turns it is easier to understand your business thus higher probability of conversion rate.

Ahoy – the navigation

The simpler the navigation the better! If we overcomplicate the navigation people won’t like it and they will stop and look for something that catches their eye and like it more. Something that appeals to them more. Making it as simple as possible is key.

High quality images

Whenever I design anything, I always use high quality professionally taken images. The simple fact is we look for beauty and clear easy to understand photography that will evoke some feelings and make it more personal. Using people is always great but make sure they are like yourself and your company that the environment also looks and feels similar. If we make it too corporate or not fun enough, we may be alienating some customers. It’s a fine balance between but always use high quality images.

Call people to action

While it is always good to have a contact us button, I don’t believe that just that will actually make them contact you. How many times did you click on that contact us button? Hmmm probably not many. Whatever the reason was for not clicking that button apply to your website and think about it like a customer. Create some urgency in your call to action that will attract your customer to pressing it.


Web design is a powerful tool that can help you convert website visitors into clients. However, it’s not just about how your site looks or what type of content you publish – web design is also about the way in which people interact with your site and navigate through their various options.

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